Windows Defender Error 0x800705B4 fixed

0x800705b4 error normally occurs on Windows Computers, if not solved the error can slow down the computer or even crash it.The error comes in form of message such as:

* Error 0x800705b4 application failed to initialize.

* There were problems in installing updates.




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  • 1. 0x800705b4 error is caused by windows defender updates
  • 2. when windows system files are damaged or the system is corrupted
  • 3. when the update service in the computer is not configured as automatic update
  • 4. Virus or Malware can also cause this error on your Computer.
  • 5. Faulty Registry entries



Solving Windows Defender Error 0x800705b4


windows-defender-error-0x800705b4We are sharing total 8 Methods or solution to fix this issue, You are required to perform them in order. If one doesn’t solve the issue then, move on to next solution.

You can skip some Solutions if you have already performed them. So lets get started.


Solution 1: Run windows troubleshooter.

Windows troubleshooter can solve most of your computer problems,it is able to identify and fix existing problems automatically after being launched.

To run the windows troubleshooter, go to Start and type “Troubleshooter” on the search box, click on the find and fix problems, follow the given commands.


Solution 2: Disable third party antivirus and malware.

Click start , Select Control panel,click on uninstall a program under programs
In the list of installed programs, locate and then click the program in question, and then click Remove.Restart the computer.

After rebooting your computer ,the third party antivirus which might have been causing the 0x800705b4 error will be removed and your system will be repaired.


Solution 3: Set the windows defender to automatic.

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  • Go to Start
  • Type “Services.msc” in the search box
  • Click on services on the program list
  • Type your administrator password if prompted to do so click continue
  • Double click on Windows defender
  • In the startup box Select Automatic.



Solution 4: Update the System.

Click on start button
Select control panel.
Go to Systems and Security and click on windows updates.
Click check on updates , download and install updates.


Solution 5: Run sfc scan for system.

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  • sfc enables windows users to find out corrupted windows system files and repair them, it is a tool provided by Microsoft.
  • Start command prompt click the start button and type cmd in the search box
  • Right click on the icon and choose run as administrator ,
  • Type the command sfc/ scannow and press enter
  • Allow the commands to run before closing it.
  • If the process is successful you will get the following massage.


-windows resource protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them
-windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix them

Scanning your system of Corrupt system file is a good option to fix error code 0X800705B4 in Windows Defender. Or any other error code on your system.


Solution 6: Perform System Restore

  • Before restoring windows first back up your files .
  • Go to start
  • Select control panel
  • In the search box type System restore.
  • Choose time point to restore your system
  • Review the restore point and then click finish

if you have a restore point already created, then you can use this method to fix 0X800705B4 error code in windows defender. Taking your system to previous restore point will make sure that your system is taken back to the state where it used to work without any errors.


Solution 7: Disable Windows Defender.

Open up Windows Defender, go to Tools which can be found on the top menu, and then click on “Options”. Now click on Administrator on the left-hand pane, uncheck the box which says “Use this program”, and now click the Save button. You will then be told that the program is turned off.


Solution 8: Use registry editor.

Press Windows Key + R combination, type put Regedt32.exe in Run dialog box and hit enter
In the right pane of the location provided, you’ll see DisableAntiSpyware named DWORD there having the Value data as 1. double click on it to modify its Value data: replace the Value data to 0 from 1. Click OK and Reboot your system .

At least 1 Solution from above mentioned 8 solutions Should help you to resolve 0x800705b4 error code. if all the methods fails to fix the issue and you are getting this error code in something else other than Windows Defender, then please let us know in comments below.

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