Fix 0x80073701 Windows 10 Update error

Some Windows users are unable to install windows updates. Every time they try to download and install new updates, they are shown “Updates Failed. There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later.” Followed by the Update Name and Error code 0x80073701.

So, this Error is preventing you from installing the latest updates that windows have to offer. Of course, we all like to have our systems up to date. But, Errors like 0x80073701 spoil the party for you.

Do not worry; we are here to help you fix this issue today. Below mentioned are some of the things that you can try on your own. After which, you will download and install the latest Update without getting 0x80073701 Error.

How to Fix Windows 10 update error 0x80073701

Error code 0x80073701 doesn’t mean your system is at risk. It’s just an update error that is occurring because some files or services on your system prevent you from downloading the latest Update. It can be the Previous Update that you had installed too. You never know.

Before moving ahead and trying to fix error code 0x80073701 on your own, you want to try a couple of things.

  • Check if the date and time of your system are correct.
  • Check if your antivirus is not preventing the Update.
  • Try disabling your Third-party antivirus if you have any.

Method 1: Fix update error 0x80073701 using inbuilt Troubleshooter.

We will start with the easiest way to fix this update error. If you have not already tried the Troubleshooter that Windows provides, please use it and see if it fixes the issue for you automatically. If you have already used the Troubleshooter and are looking for other ways to get rid of error 0x80073701, then please skip to method no. 2 below.

  1. First, open settings by right-clicking the Start button > Settings.
  2. Click on Update and Security.
  3. Click on Troubleshoot from the left pane
  4. Now, Click on Additional Troubleshooters.
  5. Select Windows Update and then Run the Troubleshooter.

Refer to the below pic. Wait for the Troubleshooter to finish.


Let the Troubleshooter do its work and see if it shows any fixes. Try to update your windows now. If your system had any minor issues preventing you from installing the Update with error 0x80073701, this should fix it.


Method 2: Manually Download the Update to avoid 0x80073701 Error.

You can manually download and install the Update on your windows system. All you need is the update name which you can use to search in Microsoft’s catalog and download the right one that matches your system specs.

Here is how you can Download and install any update manually that gives you an Error like 0x80073701.
Go to Microsoft’s Catalog by Clicking here.

Now, in the search bar, you can search the update name. You can find the update name on the error screen itself that windows are showing you. For e.g.: From the below picture, you can see the update name is KB4507453.


update error 0x80073701


Once you have the update name, you can search it on Microsoft’s official website to download the update on your own.

Manually installing the Update should solve your problem of 0x80073701 while installing the latest windows update.


Method 3: Update using the Media Creation tool.

Updating your windows to the latest version using media creation tool is a nice workaround. This may help you install the newest Update without worrying about errors like 0x80073701.

You can download the Media Creat that Microsoft has to offer from Here.
Run the tool and click on Update.
Let the tool Search for the Update and install it on its own.

If any of the methods mentioned above worked to fix error 0x80073701, please let us know below.


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