“Thread Stuck in Device Driver” Error Fixed Windows 7/8/8.1 &10

The “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error message is one of such errors you can encounter soon after starting your computer or after a few minutes.

It can occur after installation of a driver, OS or updates. This is a driver specific error. It occurs when a driver file loops continuously while waiting for related hardware to idle.

Your computer is most likely to lag and strain before the system crashes, leaving you with the dreaded Thread Stuck in Device Driver blue screen of death (BSoD). This simply means that you can encounter the error regardless of which Windows OS you use; The error can occur on Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10 too. Just the way the blue screen of death is presented may differ.


Reasons for  “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error


  • A damaged device driver(s).
  • Misconfigured device driver(s).
  • An outdated device driver(s).
  • Incompatible driver(s).
  • Overheating of your computer system.
  • Damaged or faulty device.

Of all driver issues, issues with video, sound card, and graphic card drivers are the major causes of the error.
Several methods are available that you can employ to resolve the error.


How to fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver Error


Fix Stuck in device driver error


Method 1 – Basic steps to fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver error

The first thing you need to do whenever you are confronted with any Windows error messages is to ascertain your computer’s health status.

Ensure that your computer has Sufficient RAM, in which case rebooting your computer should resolve the issue.
You also need to think of any device you installed recently; it may just be incompatible with your computer system. It is also important to determine whether or not you installed correct drivers for such a device or devices.

Basic Steps to fix this Blue screen also includes Thorough Scan of your system for Malware/Viruses and Corrupt System and Registry Files.


Method 2 – Driver Update

Your second task should be to update all drivers installed. It is important at this stage to figure out what device you were using when the error occurred. Were you using a printer or scanner or the error simply appeared from nowhere? Figuring out this can help you identify a driver or drivers related to a specific device that may be causing the error.
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  • Search your Computer with “Device Manager” and open it.
  • You will see all the Hardware that are attached to your computer, Expand them all.
  • Check if there is any Yellow Triangle with Black Exclamation mark after any adapter or device.
  • Take note of any exclamation mark and the associated component because it is most likely the cause of error.
  • Right-click on the adapter or device before clicking on its properties to update its driver.
  • Restart your computer to see whether or not this resolves the error.


Windows may not show you the Yellow triangle against the device, But there can be Drivers that are conflicting and causing Thread Stuck in Device Driver error. To Check for corrupt and outdated drivers, One must Use Driver Finder Tools and Correct the issue as soon as possible.


Method 3 – Device Replacement

This method works just in case the error is caused by a damaged or a faulty device attached to your computer.

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  • Shut down your computer.
  • Remove any device attached to your computer including printer, scanner, video card, sound card and graphic card.
  • Start your computer to see whether or not the error persists.
  • Elimination of the Thread Stuck in Device Driver error means that one or several of the devices is either damaged or faulty.
  • Replace each device one after another, shutting down and restarting your computer every time to identify the faulty device, which you need to replace.


This Method might take some time but will ensure what is causing the error for you. It is better to dig deep and find the error, rather than just looking at the Blue Screen each time you start your PC or laptop.


Method 4 – Temperature Control

Overheating is a major cause of various computer errors. Your video card, in particular, can be affected by overheating. The card’s chipset easily lock up when the card is overheated. It is, therefore, very necessary that you keep your computer cooled.

Both the fans and UPS should be clean and be functioning properly. Note that it may become necessary to upgrade the UPS in case it is old enough.


Method 5 – Restore System to fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver

Restoring your computer system to an earlier date when it worked without any error message can be helpful in reversing any adverse changes that may be causing the error.

  1. Click “Start” >All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
  2. A list of all restore points that you would have Created earlier or were created automatically will be shown to you.
  3. Restore your computer system to an earlier date in the resultant dialog box.
  4. Select the latest restore point from the confirmation box that appears and follow the onscreen instruction. System restore should start automatically.
  5. You need to let restoration process to complete. Your computer should restart once the process is complete.

Restoring your system might solve Thread Stuck in Device Driver error and some other issue too that are arising recently. This should resolve the error.


Method 6 – Zero Hardware Acceleration Setting

This method applies in a case where you have already identified a device as the cause of “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error. However, it is important to note that doing so can reduce the performance of such a device even after replacement.

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  • Click “Start“>Run or Search.
  • Type “Display” in the resultant box before selecting “Display” on the eventual list that appears.
  • Proceed to “Change Display Settings”>Troubleshoot.
  • Click “Change Settings“.
  • Drag the slider on hardware acceleration bar to “None“.
  • Click “OK” before restarting your computer to see whether or not this resolves the problem.



Method 7 – Fresh install Windows to fix Thread Stuck in Device Driver

Performing fresh installation of Windows OS may be the only option remaining in case any of the above methods does not work for you. You will need to backup all your files and other documents before you undertake the installation. Note that you will need to download necessary Windows and device drivers after the installation.

Lot of People do not prefer to do Fresh Installation, but if the problem is not solved yet even after performing all the above solutions; You need to do it. Sometimes getting a Fresh start is necessary. Installing both Windows and device manufacturer updates and drivers on a regular basis is always one effective way of preventing Windows errors including the “Thread Stuck in Device Driver” error.

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