Fix 0x87e10bc6 error on xbox and Windows 10

If you got Error code 0x87e10bc6, it must be while trying to activate your copy of Windows 10 OR while attempting to launch your Favorite game on Xbox.

Yes, there are two known ways of getting this error code. First, Windows 10 Users are getting error 0x87e10bc6 while they try to activate windows.

Another one is when Xbox users try to launch the game on their console or Xbox app.

We will try to cover both instances and see how to fix Error 0x87e10bc6 on your own.


How to fix Error Code 0x87e10bc6 on Xbox

First, we will see how to fix this Error for Xbox. If you are getting this particular Error on windows 10, you may scroll down a bit to find a few possible solutions.

For Xbox Users, Error code 0x87e10bc6 Appears unexpectedly, and there are only a few things that you can o from your side.

If you are trying to launch a game like Call of Duty/Warzone and getting an error 0x87e10bc6, You will be required to Close the game and wait for a couple of minutes. 

Relaunch the game and see if this solves the problem.

If the problem persists, then go and check the Xbox Live Status page. If the Error is from the server’s side, you will find the required information from Xbox itself. 

In this case, all you can do is wait for them to fix the issue so that you can start playing your favorite game again.


Fix Activation Error 0x87e10bc6 in Windows 10

Windows 10 Users face this Error while trying to activate their copy of windows. Unfortunately, there are few things that you can do on your own and see if that solves the problem.

Below are few things that you can try to get rid of this Error.


Method 1: Use Activation Troubleshooter

Before you try anything else to fix this Error, You must always Try the Troubleshooter that windows provide.

As it turns out, Windows users often manage to fix minor issues by simply running the inbuilt Troubleshooter. Windows Provide this feature for a reason.

So, To run Activation Troubleshooter, Open Activation Setting by Searching for “Activation Setting” in the Searchbox of your taskbar.

Click on the Best match, which should be Activation settings. A new window will pop up, which will look like the below picture.

Error Code 0x87e10bc6

My copy of windows is activated so that you won’t see the option of Troubleshoot. But yours is not activated, so that you will have the option of Troubleshoot.

Go through the process and click on “Apply This Fix” if the Troubleshooter finds problems and has a fix.

Now, Go and check if you are still getting 0x87e10bc6 Error on the Activation window.


Method 2: Disable Antivirus or 3rd party Firewall.

This method is very straightforward. However, your Antivirus firewall may prevent you from connecting to Microsoft servers and hence the Error.

In this case, you are required to disable your Antivirus software if you have it installed for the time being. Additionally, if you have any 3rd party firewall installed on your PC, please Disable or uninstall it.

Now Check if error code 0x87e10bc6 is fixed or not. If the problem is still there, then try few more things mentioned below.

  1. Update Windows if updates are available.
  2. Use Restore point if you have it and Restore your PC to previously saved Restore point.
  3. Contact Microsoft and ask for help.

I hope the methods mentioned above to fix the 0x87e10bc6 error code would have solved your problem.


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