Error code 8007000E While updating Windows Fixed

Windows Update Error 8007000E: Your computer is no doubt a valuable device. It makes it possible for you to accomplish specific tasks quickly and smoothly. Its value and importance make it necessary that you keep it in good working condition. One way of keeping it in good working condition is ensuring that it remains healthy at all times.

Keeping your computer healthy is not all that involving. One way of doing so is downloading apps and programs from trusted sites. You also need to install updates whenever they become necessary. It is also very appropriate to install anti-virus/malware program to protect your computer from external threats.

Although keeping your computer healthy goes a long way in preventing such problems as errors, there are Windows errors that you will most likely encounter regardless of how you keep your computer healthy. One such error is Windows update error code 8007000E.

This is a Windows Update error that applies to all versions of Windows operating systems. Some of the error messages you are likely to receive when the error occurs include “Windows could not search for new updates. An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer” or “Some updates were not installed. Failed:……..” or “Error(s) found: Code 8007000E Windows update encountered an unknown error”.

Any of the error messages is very specific. Error 8007000E occurs when updating the Windows OS. The error can also occur when the OS is searching for or installing updates from Windows Update Store.


Reasons for Error code 8007000E in Windows

  • The installed anti-virus/malware program and Firewall that blocks installation of updates.
  • Accumulated junk files with live threats.
  • Corrupt system files.
  • Corrupt software distribution folder.
  • Virus/malware infection that blocks installation of updates.
  • Internet connectivity issues.

Like with any other Windows error, you can easily resolve error 8007000E. The methods listed below should be helpful.


Fix Windows Update error Code 8007000E

How to fix windows udpate error code 8007000E

Method 1 – Basic Steps to fix error code 8007000E

The simple act of ensuring that your computer is in proper working condition can help in resolving many Windows errors including error 8007000E.

  1. Run the installed anti-virus/malware program to address any virus/malware that may be on your computer system.
  2. Check to ensure that your computer’s Internet connection is stable, steady and reliable. Access Windows Update to see if the error is resolved or not.
  3. Scan your PC for System File Corruption or any hardware Failure using Total System Care.

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Method 2 – Remove Junk Files

Accumulated junk files with active threats can cause many errors including error 8007000E. Perform the following actions to get rid of all junk files.

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  • Press the combination of Win + X keys to open up menu.
  • Select “Command Prompt (Admin)” option.
  • Click “Yes” to run the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Type “cleanmgr” before hitting Enter.
  • The tool will begin to run automatically. It calculates how much used space you can claim on the hard disk. Check all the dialogue boxes occupied by unnecessary files including the temporary files box.


Click “OK” to let the tool remove all junk files. Try accessing Windows Update feature or installing updates to see if the8007000E  error is resolved or not.


Method 3 – Run System File Checker

Virus/malware infections do damage/corrupt system files. Running the built-in system file checker tool can be helpful in repairing damaged/corrupt files, which can resolve the error.

1. Click “Start”.
2. Type “cmd” in the “Search programs and files” box.
3. Press the combination of CTRL + Shift + Enter before clicking “OK” to open a command prompt.
4. Now, Type “sfc /scannow” into the prompt before hitting Enter.
5. Type “Y” in response to the resultant notification.

The Process will take some time to finish, you need to be really patient. Once it is done, you will be shown if any corrupt system files were found and if they were replaced or not. Now go to windows update and see if you are still getting error code 8007000E while installing updates.


Method 4 – Install Pending Updates

For technical reasons, your computer can download but fail to install updates. Such pending updates can easily cause error 8007000E.

Step 1: Click “Start”.

Step 2: Type “Update” in search box before hitting Enter.

Step 3: Look for any uninstalled update(s) on the resultant Windows Update dialogue box that appears. Right-click on each and update the same.

Step 4: Restart your computer before accessing Windows Update Store to see if this helped you to fix error 8007000E on your PC.


Method 5 – Disable both anti-virus/malware and Firewall Programs

Consider disabling both the installed third-party anti-virus/malware program and the in-built Firewall program that can interfere with the installation of updates because of internal system conflicts. Perform the following steps to disable Firewall.

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  • Click “Start”.
  • Type “Firewall.cpl” in the search box.
  • Click on “Windows Firewall”.
  • Click “Turn Windows Firewall Off”.
  • Press “OK”.


Try Updating your windows now, You should not get error 8007000E if firewall was the problem. Just remember to turn both programs ON in case the method works.


Method 6 – Check and Automate Windows Update Service if Stopped

1. Open “Cortana” and run it as administrator.

2. Search for “Services”.

3. Enter password when prompted before clicking “Continue”.

4. Search for “Windows Update Service” in the resultant Services window.

5. Double-click (or right-click) on the service and change its setting from either disabled or manual to automatic before clicking “Start” if it is stopped.

Try accessing Windows Update now and see if you are still getting update error code 8007000E or not.


Method 7 – Delete Software Distribution Folder to fix 8007000E

The software distribution folder is found on the hard disk. It is in the folder where all downloaded Windows updates are stored.

It may turn out that some files in the folder are corrupt and therefore unable to or prevent installation of updates from Windows Update Store. Deleting it can help in resolving error 8007000E. Note that all updates will be downloaded and installed afresh.

  1. Click to launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to “C:\Windows” folder.
  3. Search for and delete the folder named “SoftwareDistribution”.

This method should resolve the error 8007000E problem.  Your computer should start to access the store and start downloading and installing updates again.


Method 8 – Download Cumulative Updates

It may become necessary to download cumulative updates in case any of the above methods does not resolve error 8007000E.

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  • Visit Microsoft Update Catalog page.
  • Search for 3020369 before selecting the appropriate installation of a cumulated batch of updates depending on Windows OS installed on your computer (KB3020369).
  • Click to download and install the batch.
  • Go back to the catalog page and search for 3125574 before selecting the appropriate installation of a cumulated batch of updates depending on Windows OS installed on your computer (KB3125574).
  • Click to download and install the batch.
  • Restart your computer once the two downloads have been installed successfully.
  • Go to Control Panel once your computer has started.
  • Click “Windows Update”.


So these are few methods that can possible help you to get rid of error code 8007000E in widnows 7/8/8.1 and windows 10.  Following these methods one by one can help you to again download and install pending windows update.

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  1. Had to do a repair reinstall on Win 7 Ult 32bit after my corrupted .net framework 4.0 files would not install. After the windows 7 re-install, windows wouldn’t AUTO update. Tried EVERYTHING. Rebuilt Software Distribution Folder, ran “System Readiness tool,” Installed IE11, manually ran KB3102810 update, ran chkdsk /f & sfc /scannow, stopped and restarted windows update service…NONE of these operations worked to fix a non functioning Auto update. But then I found this page…method 8 clinched it! Windows was happily rolling along making me miserable, until I manually installed the massive KB3125574. I rebooted and within 5 minutes after reboot, the windows update logo appeared in the lower right hand corner. I was elated! Stubborn, dam stubborn windows refusal to update had been defeated. To the victors come the spoils. I hysterically laughed at it even and rubbed it in. With your help only. Many many thanks.


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