Error code 0xc0000185 on Windows Startup Fixed

Your computer can develop a problem at any stage. You can safely shut down your computer only to be presented with an error message on the screen when you start it. One of the errors you can encounter is the error presented with the code 0xc0000185 with an accompanying long message indicating that your computer needs to be repaired. The message also comes up with number of options.

This is a Stop error. Your can start your computer only for it to present the dreaded blue screen of death (BSoD) just before or after the appearance of Windows logo with the accompanying error code and message. Although you can encounter this error with Windows 7, it is very common with Windows 8 and 8.1 OS. Several Windows 10 users have also reported having had a similar experience.

Presentation of 0xc0000185 error serves to indicate that your computer system cannot access the necessary Windows OS files in the hard disk drive to start. It simply means that your computer system cannot communicate with the hard disk or the files or there is a problem with the files.


Several factors that can cause Error code 0xc0000185


  1. Loose connection of the cable(s) connecting your system and the hard drive.
  2. Missing or damaged boot files.
  3. Errors in the disk drive.
  4. Damaged disk drive.

Encountering this error does not in any way mean that you can no longer use your computer. Below are several corrective measures you can initiate to fix the error.


Fixing Error code 0xc0000185 in Windows 7/8/8.1 & 10


Windows recovery error code 0xc0000185


Method 1: Check wire Connection to fix 0xc0000185 error

The first step should be to check to ascertain whether or not there is a problem with system connection. You need to unscrew your computer CPU in order to access the hard disk to ensure that the cable connecting the hard disk and system is not damaged or loose.

It is a good idea to confirm that such components as expansion cards, PSU, and memory are properly fixed in their respective places. If you have already done this, skip it and jump to method #2.


Method 2 – Automatic Repair

This method will work in case where you have the Windows OS recovery media.

  • Insert the recovery media into the appropriate Port.
  • Boot from the recovery media.
  • Click Next on the resultant Windows Setup screen.
  • Choose to repair the computer at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Troubleshoot” from the list of “Advanced Startup” options.
  • Click on “Automatic Repair.

Windows OS should automatically start the recovery process and attempt to resolve any startup issues. which should get rid of the error 0xc0000185 when you eventually start your computer in the normal way.

If you do not have Recovery Media, You can use Total System Care to Scan and repair Problems in your PC Automatically.

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Method 3: Check Hard Disk for Errors

It is only appropriate that you check your computer’s hard disk for any errors because errors in the hard disk can easily cause the error.

  • Press the combination of Win + X key.
  • Click “Command Prompt.
  • Type chkdsk/R in the resultant dialogue box before hitting Enter.

Your computer system should scan and address any errors it finds. Try to restart your computer to see whether or not this solves the issue.


Method 4 – Restore your system to fix error 0xc0000185

Although you can easily fix Windows error 0xc0000185 using any of the above methods, the error may persist because of a different cause. It may be necessary to undertake system restore to fix the issue. Performing system restore reverts your computer system’s state to an earlier date when it worked properly.

Performing system restore gets rid of any manual or automatic changes made to the system. Note that you will loose any newly installed program(s) and updates.

1. Insert Windows OS installation media into the appropriate drive.

2. Swipe/press F12 after restarting your computer.

3. Choose the installation media as the booting disk.

4. Select “Next” on the resultant Windows Setup window.

5. Select “Next” in order to choose “Repair your computer.

6. Select “Troubleshoot” before selecting “Advanced Options” on the resultant blue screen.

7. Select “Restore” and pay keen attention to on-screen instructions, which you need to follow to the letter.

Although you will loose any recently installed programs and updates, your computer will boot without any issues.


Method 5 – Windows Re-Installation

This should be your last option just in case any of the above methods fail to fix the error. Undertaking fresh installation of Windows OS wipes out all files including program files from the disk drive by formatting it.

It may be your only option unless the hard drive is damaged, which you can easily ascertain since another round of installation will not succeed. Any of the above methods can help fix Windows error 0xc0000185 although a procedure can slightly be different depending on Windows OS you are using and whether it is a PC, laptop or notebook.

Keeping your computer healthy at all times is a very effective way of preventing most Windows errors including error 0xc0000185. It is a good idea to install and use a registry cleaner and optimizer on a regular basis.

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