Error code 0xc00000e9: 5 Ways to fix Unexpected I/O Error

Your computer’s operating system relies on its files to start and run all installed programs and applications efficiently. Anything that interferes with the files, the registry as a whole or the hard disk causes startup errors, one of which is error code 0xc00000e9.

This is a specific Windows error that points to the hard disk. You can encounter the error when installing any version of Windows OS or long after the OS has been installed, in which case it is bound to occur just when starting your computer.

The error message accompanying the code no doubt differs, depending on your computer’s OS. But mainly, You would see “Recovery, There was a problem with a device Connected to your PC” . Further more, you could read “An Unexpected I/O Error has occurred, Error code:0xc00000e9


Error code 0xc00000e9 can occur because of;


  • Faulty or damaged hard disk.
  • Loosely connected hard disk.
  • Faulty USB or DVD that you use as your installation device.
  • Windows updates.
  • Misconfigured or corrupt registry files.
  • Outdated PC drivers.

These are the main possible causes of 0xc00000e9 Unexpected I/O error. Although there are several methods of resolving the error, a method that works will depend on a specific cause. Below are some of the methods you can adopt. Although a method may apply for a specific OS, it should give you an idea on how to do the same with a different Windows OS.


Method to fix Error Code 0xc00000e9


Error code 0xc00000e9 Fixed


Method 1 – Basic Troubleshooters to fix 0xc00000e9 error

The simple act of ensuring that all devices connected to your computer are not faulty can easily resolve the error. They should also be connected properly. This is especially important in a case where you are installing the operating system using a bootable disk or DVD.

The error screen or message also shows boot bcd 0xc00000e9 error, Which somewhat indicates about the Boot File or Device. So double check your Connected HDD or SSD to ensure it is properly fixed.

Next you would want to Check if you Hardware Drivers are upto-Date.

If you are able to Boot your PC then Download Driver Agent and install it. Then, Scan your PC to see if any connected device on your system needs thier Drivers Updated. If Driver Agent Shows any out dated drivers, Immediately Update them through the tool itself.

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Method 2: Check for Corrupt Registry or System Files

As explained above, Registry entries and System files are extremely important files that helps Windows to boot. Corruption in these files can cause Windows PC to not boot properly and hence can show you 0xc00000e9 error. You are required to check if for any reason your Computer has Corruption in files or registry.

For this Method, We recommend to Use TOTAL SYSTEM CARE. Once Installed, Scan your PC for various errors. This Step is only possible if you can boot your PC at first place. So if you are able to Boot your PC to start Screen, Just Download Total System care, Install it and let it scan your PC. Needless to say but, you have to allow the tool to fix the issue if any found.

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Method 3 – Run Disk Check

Running the disk check tool can be very helpful in resolving the error 0xc00000e9. The tool checks and attempts to repair any damaged sectors of files in the hard disk. You should be able to receive a message on your computer screen indicating whether or not the tool has found any errors or damaged sectors on the hard disk.

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  • Insert the OS’s installation disk in the appropriate drive.
  • Restart the computer to boot from the installation disk.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Click to repair the computer.
  • Select an operating system you want to be repaired in case you have more than one OS installed on the hard disk.
  • Click to open command prompt under “System Recovery Options” menu.
  • Type “chkdsk/f” in the prompt before hitting Enter.

The tool should begin to scan your computer, which can take some time. Note that you can easily loose your documents when running the disk check tool. It is, therefore, important that you backup your documents before running the tool. You need to restart your computer to see whether this resolves the error code: 0xc00000e9.


Method 4 – Change BIOS Settings

Changing BIOS system can be effective in resolving error code 0xc00000e9. You simply need to set BIOS settings to default to see whether or not doing so works.
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  • Start or restart your computer.
  • Press F2, DEL or F10 Key (whichever applies) to go to BIOS settings.
  • Select “Load Optimal Defaults”.
  • Navigate to your computer’s hard disk setting configuration under “Advanced” section. Configure the setting to either AHCI or IDE.
  • Save the settings before rebooting your computer to see whether doing so resolves the error or not.


To be very sure, you can try both the options AHCI and IDE. So, if first option does not help you to get rid of 0xc00000e9 error; then next time select 2nd option.


Method 5 – System Restore should fix error 0xc00000e9

It may be necessary to restore your computer to an earlier date in case any of the above methods does not resolve the problem. Note that this method only works in the case where your computer gives you some time before the error appears.

  1. Navigate to “View Advanced Options“.
  2. Click on “System Restore“.
  3. Pick a past date when your computer worked without any issues.
  4. Click on the date.

System restore should automatically begin to run. Although system restore does not interfere with your personal documents or files, it is a good idea to back them up before initiating the process. Performing a System restore when your computer was not having error code 0xc00000e9, Should help you to fix the current error and yet again you can use your computer without issues.


Method 6 – Fresh Windows OS Installation

This should be the last option in case any of the above methods does not resolve error code 0xc00000e9. It is a time-consuming process that formats your hard drive. It is very important that you backup all your personal documents and files before you initiate the action.

You will need to install everything fresh after installation of the OS including updates, apps (if applicable) and necessary programs. This will be done automatically but you will require a installation media like a CD or Flashdrive Containing Windows 7/8 or 8.1. Needless to say, you will also require Valid keys for the OS version you are going to install.

Just like with many other Windows errors, you can easily prevent the occurrence of error code 0xc00000e9. Some of the preventive measures you need to take include installing and running both anti-virus and malware programs on a regular basis, clearing junk files, installing any program from trusted sites and installing Microsoft and third-party updates whenever they are available.

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  1. my system only display blue screen on which unexpected I/O error has occurred only display… when i insert my OS DVD but the system cannot detected it… what to do now.. how i can resolve it

    • Hi Naseer, Have you changed first boot device in BIOS? Please select your DVD Rom as first boot inorder to make your computer boot to DVD first.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Actually my HP pc is not damage or not broken.But not showing any options to enter.only showin blue screen with error 0xc00000e9 and I also run hard disc checkup.The result was error(303) & (305).please help me as soon as possible.

  3. my pc also display blue screen on which unexpected I/O error has occurred only display… when i insert my OS DVD but the system cannot detected it… what to do now.. how i can resolve it

  4. Hi.. I am getting error 0xc00000e9 while installing windiws 8.1 on dell lattitude e6420… please help I have trried every thing possible on google and youtube.. already formatted my hars drive and now i am not able to install windows on it.. its been 2 days.. no progresss .. plzz help



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