Application Error 0xc000007B in Windows 7/8/10 Fixed

The fact that error 0xc000007b is rare does not in any way mean that you cannot encounter it. Indeed, reading comments on online forums shows that some users of Windows OS encounter the error almost on a daily basis.

This is an application error. It occurs when launching an application, which can be a Windows or third-party application. The message accompanying the error typically indicates that “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application” or something similar.

Although you may encounter the error when launching any application, its occurrence is directly linked to launching a DirectX application, which can also be a game application. You are most likely to encounter the error when launching a 64-bit application in a 32-bit environment. This simply means that you are most liable to encounter the error after upgrading your computer from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows environment.

Causes of Error 0xc000007B on Windows PC

  • When you try to launch a 32-bit application in a 64-bit environment. This is most likely to happen after upgrading your computer. This causes incompatibility issues that can cause the error.
  • Damaged sectors in the hard disc.
  • Corrupt application files.
  • Damaged/outdated computer system drivers.


How to fix Error 0xc000007B in Easy Steps


Fixing Application error 0xc000007B


Several solutions are available that you can use to resolve error 0xc000007b. It is also vital to note whether the error occurs when launching a particular application or when launching any application.


Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting to fix error 0xc000007B

It is important that you perform certain simple procedures before you attempt major procedures to see whether or not doing so resolves the error.

1. Restart your computer before launching the same application that you launched before the error occurred. The simple act of restarting your computer can go a long way in correcting a minor issue that may have caused the error.

2. Update the operating system. Check for any pending updates to install the same. Do also try accessing Windows Store to look for any available updates that you need to install.Perform these simple procedures to see whether or not the error is resolved.


Method 2 – Acquire Administrative Rights

You may encounter error 0xc000007b simply because you do not have administrative rights to the computer. Acquiring the rights can quickly fix the error.

  1. Right-click “C” or the driver that hosts the OS.
  2. Select “Properties”.
  3. Click “Security” tab before clicking the “Advanced” button.
  4. Click “Change” option.
  5. Type your username in the “Enter the Object name” box that appears.
  6. Click “OK” to save everything.
  7. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Launch the application you had launched before the error occurred to see this helps you to fix error 0xc000007B.


Method 3 – Update Computer Drivers

Drivers are important components of your system. They facilitate communication between the system and all installed programs and applications. They need to be installed and must be up-to-date for smooth computer operations.

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  • Check to see if any drivers are damaged or any that need to be updated.
  • Right-click on “My Computer” before selecting “Properties”.
  • Select “Device Manager”.
  • Navigate through all the devices listed while looking out for any device with a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Right-click on any such device before choosing “Update Driver”.
  • Restart your computer after the update. Launch the application that you launched before the error 0xc000007B occurred to see whether or not the error is resolved.



Method 4 – Run Disk Check Utility

Bad sectors on the disk hosting the OS can also cause error 0xc000007b. Run the built-in disk check to see if doing so resolves the error.

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  • Press the combination of Win + X keys to open up menu.
  • Select “Command Prompt (Admin)” option.
  • Click “Yes” to run command prompt as an administrator.
  • Type “chkdsk” Leave an space after the “chkdsk” before typing in the drive letter (C) that you need scanned. Running disk check only identifies damaged sectors and files if any. You need to specify parameters before the utility can perform necessary repairs.
  • Type the following into the prompt immediately after the drive letter “/f/r/x”.


Note that letter “f” tells the utility to fix errors, letter “r” shows it to identify any bad sectors in the disk and letter “x” tells it to dismount the drive before the commencement of the scanning process.

Dismounting the disk is necessary because the utility cannot run if the disk is in use. Press “Enter” to run the scan. Let it complete before restarting your computer. Launch the application that you launched before the error occurred to see whether or not the error is resolved.


Method 5 – Resolve Compatibility Issue between Application and Computer System

Compatibility issues between application and computer system is a primary cause of error 0xc000007b. Resolving such an issue can easily fix the error.

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  • Right-click on the application’s icon.
  • Click “Properties”.
  • Click “Compatibility” tab.
  • Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” box.
  • Select the appropriate version of Windows OS in the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Apply” before clicking OK to close the dialogue box.Restart your computer before re-launching the application to see whether or not the error is resolved.



Method 6 – Delete and Install DirectX Files to fix error 0xc000007B

This method will work to resolve the error in case the error is caused by damaged DirectX files.

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Navigate to “C:\Windows\System32”.

3. Locate and delete “xinput_1.dll”, “xinput_2.dll” and “xinput_3.dll”.

4. Visit Microsoft download center to download and install the DirectX files.Restart your computer after the installation is complete. Launch the application you launched before the error 0xc000007B occurred.


Method 7 – Uninstall and Re-install .Net Framework

The .Net Framework is the other primary cause of error 0xc000007b. This can be because of damaged .net Framework files.Simply visit Microsoft download center to download the latest .net Framework that applies to the OS installed on your computer.


Method 8 – Uninstall and Re-install the Application

It will become necessary to uninstall before re-installing the application associated with the occurrence of error 0xc000007b.

One of the above methods should be helpful in resolving 0xc000007b error. It is only in very exceptional circumstances that the error will re-occur, in which case you will need to perform a system restore and if necessary fresh re-installation of the operating system.

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