Error code 0x80070490: Windows Installation Error Fixed

Windows updates are very important for your computer. You are likely to get Error code 0x80070490 whenever you try to Update your PC or While Installing new Updates.  Although you may configure your computer to install updates automatically whenever they become available, that may not be the case. It can turn out that your computer does not install the same and the OS is most likely to notify you of the same.

Windows update error code 0x80070490 occurs when general updates or app-specific updates fail to install. In addition to not installing updates, your computer will also not be able to install security patches and any new feature(s). The most likely moment you may encounter the error is when trying to install app-related updates from Windows Update Center.


Several factors that can cause error 0x80070490

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  • Glitches in your computer system.
  • Corrupt component-based (CBS) service files.
  • An installed anti-virus program that prevents installation of updates.
  • Syncing issues.
  • Disabled system service(s).


These are just a few of the common factors noted to cause the error. The reason for each user might differ and as per the reasons, Solutions may also differ. We talk about solution to error code 0x80070490 below.


How to Fix Error code 0x80070490 on Windows 7/8/8.1 &10


Windows update and install error 0x80070490 fixed


There are several ways you can resolve error 0x80070490. While some are simple and straightforward, others can be technical. You may also need to have administrative rights to a computer having the problem. So, let us start with methods that are basic troubleshooters and then we go to advance methods below.

Method 1 – Run Anti-virus Program

You may need to run anti-virus program for any virus or malware infection. Restart your computer when scanning is complete to see whether or not running the program resolves the problem.

You may also consider disabling the anti-virus program before trying to install updates. Doing so can be helpful in a case where the program prevents installation of updates. Your antivirus may conflict and it may also prevent communication between you and microsoft’s server resulting in error 0x80070490 on your system.


Method 2 – Run System File Checker to fix 0x80070490 error

Your computer has a built-in tool that helps in resolving various issues including Windows errors. Running the built-in file checker tool can be helpful since the tool scans registry files and attempts to repair any corrupt files.

  1. Press the combination of Win + R keys.
  2. Navigate to “Run” dialogue box and type in “cmd” before clicking “OK”.
  3. Type “sfc/scannow” in the resultant command prompt.

The tool should begin scanning automatically. Two things can happen after the scanning is complete. If any Corrupt file is found on your system then it will be replaced automatically. Otherwise, you will shown nothing is wrong. Now go and check if the error 0x80070490 is still there or gone.


Method 3 – Run DISM Tool

Running DISM tool is very important in case where system file checker reports that CBS is corrupt. The Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool prompts Windows Update to provide necessary files that fix corrupt update files.

Press the combination of Win + R keys to open Run Command

Type “cmd” and hit enter to open a command prompt. Or, you can also hit Win +X keys and click on Command Prompt.

Type “DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth” before hitting Enter.

The tool should start, and you need to wait for the whole process to complete. It is important to note that you need to use your Windows OS installation disk in case Windows Update client is faulty.

You need to insert the installation disk before opening command prompt and typing in the following command “DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth/D:\RepairSource\Windows/LimitAccessNote” before hitting Enter. Restart your computer to see whether or not this resolves the error 0x80070490.


Method 4 – Services Check

It is very important that you check the status of the following services: MSI Installer, BITS, Cryptograph and Windows Update. Error 0x80070490 can easily occur in case any of these services has stopped.

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  • Press the combination of Win + R key.
  • Type “services.msc” and hit Enter to open services window.
  • Search for MSI Installer, BITS, Cryptograph and Windows Update services.
  • Ensure that each of the services is running otherwise click on any stopped service before clicking “Start the Service”.
  • Restart your computer and try installing updates again.


Simply Restarting or Starting above Services may help you to get rid of error code 0x80070490, See if this helps. or else, Move to next method.


Method 5 – Troubleshoot Windows Update

Windows error 0x80070490 can occur due to issues with your computer’s Windows Update client. Troubleshooting the client can easily resolve the error.

1. Press the combination of Win + W key.

2. Type in “Troubleshooting” and select it in the resultant window.

3. Select “View All”.

4. Click “Windows Update troubleshooting”.

5. Follow the other on-screen instructions before hitting Enter.

Sometimes, Using the inbuilt Troubleshooter succeeds to fix any error or bugs from your windows PC. Consider yourself lucky if doing this method fixes 0x80070490 error for you.


Method 6 – Create New User Account and fix error 0x80070490

Abandoning your account to create a new one can help in resolving the error. The new account you create must have administrative rights to the computer.

  • Transfer all your documents and files from the old account to the new one before deleting the old account.
  • Complete the process by registering your new local account with Microsoft.
  • Restart your computer and try installing updates again to whether or not the error is resolved.


Method 7 – Perform System Restore

You have the option of restoring your computer to a past date when it worked without any issues. Note that you will need to install other updates that have been released since that date after restoration. The following method applies to Windows 10 OS.

The system restore feature is by default disabled in Windows 10 OS. You need to locate, enable, and run it by doing the following;

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  • Go to control panel > System and click “System Protection” to open a window. You will notice that system protection is set to “Off”.
  • Choose system drives before clicking “Configure”.
  • Click “Turn on system protection” to enable the feature before setting disk size you wish to allocate for system restore points.
  • Click “OK” to enable and run the feature.


Your computer should automatically restart after restoration is complete. This procedure should most probably work and help you to resolve the 0x80070490 code error.

Method 8 – Fresh OS Installation

This will no doubt be your last option in your attempt in resolving error 0x80070490. It is highly recommended that you only perform fresh installation when all other methods have failed in resolving the error. This is because you will need to start from scratch after installation by installing all the necessary updates, programs, and applications, which can be very time-consuming.

Most Windows errors including error 0x80070490 usually occur because of corrupt files. The only effective way of preventing the errors is installing programs and apps from Microsoft and trusted third-parties. It is also very important that you run anti-virus/malware program on a regular basis.

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