Fix Error code 0x8007001f on Windows 10

Error code 0x8007001f often arises when you are trying to install the anniversary update for Windows 10. For many users, the error will appear before the update is fully downloaded. This error code is often followed by a message that advises the user to get in touch with Microsoft for the error to be resolved.

The error 0x8007001f also occurs after updating to Windows 10. Moreover, it is accompanied by other symptoms such as lack of a Bluetooth connectivity and lack of sound. Mostly, it arises due to a faulty audio driver or a compatibility issue between Windows 10 and your computer’s hardware.


Solutions for error code 0x8007001f


Windows 10 error code 0x8007001f


The error code can be solved by various methods. Though each solution won’t work for everyone but you can try them one by one according to when you are getting the code 0x8007001f.


Method 1: Use the Troubleshooter to fix error 0x8007001f

The built-in Windows troubleshooter may resolve the error. In this case, you need to access the tool for which steps are mentioned below.

  • First, click on the Windows Key and type “troubleshooter” in the search window
  • Next, click on the troubleshooter and choose the settings tab that is located below the search box
  • Select the option to find and fix a problem and chose the “view all” setting. You can then select the “Windows update troubleshooter” and run it.

The troubleshooter will run for a few minutes as it tries to fix and resolve any issues with your windows update. Once it has completed the process, you can try to download the updates and the error 0x8007001f will not occur if it is fixed.


Method 2: Use audio troubleshooter

When the error code is characterized by the loss of audio, then you can try the audio troubleshooter. To access the audio troubleshooter;

  1. Click on the Windows key and search “audio troubleshooter“.
  2. Select the option titled, “Find and fix audio playback issues“. A new troubleshooter window will open.
  3. Click on next, and the troubleshooter will find and fix any issues with your audio. Once the process is completed, the error code 0x8007001f will be fixed.


Method 3: Update audio drivers  to fix Error 0x8007001f

The error can also occur right after an upgrade, and your audio drivers will fail. In this case, you should determine your computer’s model number.

Once you know the model, press Windows key + E to access windows explorer. Click on “This PC” and choose “uninstall and change a program“. Find the audio drivers for your computer and uninstall them.

Next, go online to your computer manufacturer and find the audio drivers.You should then download and install them. Be sure to restart your computer after the installation is complete and the error 0x8007001f will be fixed in most cases.

You can also download the updated drivers from the options within the sound card driver settings.

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  • Right click on the Windows icon and select “device manager.
  • Under the sound, video, and game controllers, choose your sound card.
  • Once the sound card window is open, select the driver tab and choose the option to update the drivers.
  • The option will search, download and install any audio drivers that are required by your system, and the error will be resolved.



Method 4: Use media creation tool

If the error 0x8007001f persists even after following the methods above, then you will have to use the media creation tool to update your operating system.First, you have to download the windows media creation tool from the Microsoft website that you will sue to upgrade your Windows OS.

Next, use the tool to download the latest update for your system. You can pick either the 32 or 63 version depending on your preferences. Please check the option to use recommended options for your computer. The media creation tool will guide you as you update your computer. This will resolve the error code 0x8007001f.

To conclude, error code 0x8007001f can be addressed through several methods. The error code can arise when updating your Windows 10, or due to a faulty audio driver. However, it can be fixed, and you can continue to use your computer.

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  1. Late, obviously. but as this is one of the top google searches, this is what you need to do for those who are still having this issue.

    It has to do with your license to Windows 10.

    Press Start
    Update and security
    Change product key

    Enter your product key, and it should take from there.

    its the same as this error code, so you can also go to this link

  2. It’s not an audio issue, my web cam just quit after last update. I rolled back it took off a few programs, but still no camera.


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