Error Code 0x80070002: Best Ways to fix it Easily

Error Code 0x80070002 is one of the most common Windows errors you may encounter while using any version of Windows operating systems. Although the message accompanying the error code can differ depending on which version of Windows OS you have installed, it is likely to indicate: “Error(s) found: Code 80070002 Windows Update encountered an unknown problem”.

It is evident from the message that this is an error related to Windows Update. A possible moment(s) you are likely to encounter the error is when accessing Windows Update site to download and install updates. Few Windows users are also getting Error code 0x80070002 while initializing Microsoft Security Client. Some get the same error while taking Backup.

Reasons Why Error Code 0x80070002 can occur

  • Incorrect time settings on your computer.
  • Unsteady/unreliable Internet connection.
  • Mismatch in system DataStore folder.
  • A stopped Windows update service on your computer.
  • Corrupt Registry and/or System Files.


How to fix Error code 0x80070002 on Windows 7/8/10

Fixing error code 0x80070002 on Windows PC


The fact that this is a common problem that may affect users of Windows OS face does not mean that there is any lasting solution. Below are several methods of resolving the error.


Method 1 – Basic Steps to fix error code 0x80070002

Do ensures that your Computer’s Internet connection is stable. You may need to wait for the connection to become stable in case you notice that it is not. Stable internet connection is important while trying to Install pending updates in Windows.

So, First of all check your internet Connection and then try to Check for Updates once it is stable. If you are getting this error with Microsoft Security Essential then, Do a System Reboot and try again.


Method 2 – Check to Configure Time Settings

Incorrect time setting is a major cause of error 0x80070002. Ensuring that your computer’s clock synchronizes with an Internet time server can resolve the error very easily.

  1. Press the combination of Win + R keys to open dialogue box.
  2. Type “Control Panel” in the dialogue box before hitting Enter.
  3. Open “Date and Time”.
  4. Press on “Change date and time” and make corrections if necessary.
  5. Configure your time zone before pressing OK.
  6. Press on “Internet Time” tab before selecting “Change Settings”.
  7. Check “Synchronize with an Internet time server” before choosing the Time Sever from the list presented.
  8. Press “Update Now”.
  9. Press “OK” twice to complete the configuration and close all open windows.

Restart your computer before accessing Windows Update. if You had Incorrect time set on your system then doing above steps should fix 0x80070002 error for you.


Method 3 – Install Pending Updates

You may had Installed Windows updates earlier but some updates requires you to restart your computer for complete installation.  Such pending updates can cause various problems including error 0x80070002.

Check to see if there are any pending updates to install them.

1. Click “Start”.

2. Type “Update” in search box before hitting Enter.

3. Look for any uninstalled update(s) on the resultant Windows Update dialogue box that appears. Right-click on each to update the same.

Try accessing Windows Update and now search for new updates for installation. This method may not work every time to help you get rid of error 0x80070002, But in you case it may just work.


Method 4 – Check and Automate Windows Update Service if Stopped

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  • Search for “Services”.
  • Enter password when prompted before clicking “Continue”.
  • Search for “Windows Update Service” in the resultant Services window.
  • Double-click (or right-click) on the service and change its setting from either disabled or manual to automatic before clicking “Start” if it is stopped.


It is also possible that you may find the service running. You will need to stop the service before shutting down your computer. Restart your computer before restarting the service again. You should be able to notice updates being downloaded and installed. That will be a signal that the error 0x80070002 is resolved.


Method 5 – Delete Software Distribution Folder to fix 0x80070002

The Software distribution folder is found on the C drive of your system. It is in the folder where all downloaded Windows updates are stored.

It may turn out that some files in the folder are corrupt and therefore unable to or prevent installation of updates. Deleting it can help in resolving error code 0x80070002.

Lets see where you can find the folder and how to delete it the right way. Note that all updates will be downloaded and installed a fresh.

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  • Click to launch Windows Explorer.
  • Navigate to “C:\Windows” folder.
  • Search for and delete the folder named “SoftwareDistribution”. You may also choose to rename the folder as “SoftwareDistributionOld” in case you do not wish to delete it.


Restart your computer before accessing Windows Update Store. You should be able to notice updates being downloaded and installed. This will make sure that this method works to fix error 0x80070002 code for you.

One of these methods should resolve the error 0x80070002 on your computer depending on the particular cause.It is only in very exceptional circumstances that the error will still occur. Your only solution will be to perform the system restore and at the worst fresh installation of the operating system to get rid of various issues that may be causing the error.

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