0x8004010f : 3 ways to fix outlook error code

Error code 0x8004010f often arises when you try to synchronize your Outlook 2013, or 2010 software and sometimes outlook 2007 too. It is caused by an Outlook profile that is corrupted. It can also occur when the outlook data filed are in a new location or the data files (PST) are stored in the wrong location.

The problem will mean that you might be able to receive emails, but the outgoing mail fails to synchronize. However, the error can be resolved by several methods.

Resolving Outlook error code 0x8004010f


outlook error code 0x8004010f


Method 1: Create a profile to fix 0x8004010f error

The first method to fix error code 0x8004010f is by creating a new profile on outlook.

  • First, close the Outlook software, open the control panel and then find mail.
  • Open the mail settings dialog and click on the “show profiles” option. This will allow you to make a profile for different data files and email accounts.
  • Click on “add” to make a new profile. You are free to delete the old one since it is no longer functional.
  • The next option will involve automatically configuring the account that you want for your profile. If your account depends on the POP3 protocol, then you can use your old pst data on the “change account setup” option.
  • On the other hand, IMAP involves the creation of a new data file. You can also choose the option to use the profile as the default.


Method 2: Retain profile for fixing error 0x8004010f 

The next step would involve retaining your current profiles. This is the best choice if you have a large number of email accounts, and creating a new profile will be difficult.

  • You have to go to file, account settings and open the account settings menu.
  • Click on the “change folder” option and create a new outlook data file. This file is required temporarily. You can then rename the file to any name of your choosing and accept the setting.The new data file will have an inbox.
  • Select the data file, expand and select the inbox. Click to allow the settings and go back to the account settings.
  • Next, click on the change folder. Select the data file once more, expand the sub-folders and choose Inbox. You can then click OK to accept the change.
  • Next, go to the data files menu and remove the pst file from your profile. You can then close the account settings, and the error code 0x8004010f will be resolved.

If this method does not fix the error, you will have to create a new profile. You should also delete the pst file after you exit the application.


Method 3: Fix error 0x8004010f by Disabling firewall 

The third fix would entail turning off your firewall. This is a risky fix as it exposes your system to attacks, but it will solve the issue if the first two fail.

  • Disable the antivirus software before you turn off the firewall. Press the Windows key + R to open the run dialog.
  • Type firewall.cpl to open the firewall setting in the control panel.
  • On the left menu pane, click on the option to turn off the firewall. Make the same changes to both the private and public network settings after expanding them.
  • Next, press OK to accept the changes.

The primary cause of the error is a corrupted Outlook file. However, the methods above can quickly fix the 0x8004010f issue. You can choose to create a new profile, retain the old profile or to turn off your firewall and antivirus to check for connectivity issues.

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