Steps to fix 0x8000ffff error on Windows 7/8/8.1 &10

Upgrading your computer’s Windows operating system is perfectly in order. Indeed, doing so makes it possible for you to enjoy enhanced features. However, there are possibilities that you can encounter hitches in the form of errors during or after such an upgrade. One such hitch is error 0x8000ffff.

This particular windows error is not a specific error. There are instances when the error does not direct you to a specific area where a problem lies. Indeed, you are bound to be presented with such general messages as “Error 0x8000ffff: Catastrophic failure” or “An unspecified error occurred during System Restore (0x8000ffff).


Error code 0x8000ffff can occur when;

  • Creating system restore point or soon after performing a system restore and some files fail to be replaced (overwritten).
  • Installing or soon after installing a new application.
  • Update is being installed from Windows Update Center.


Factors that can cause Error 0x8000ffff

  1. Incorrect computer system settings.
  2. Corrupted registry files caused by virus/malware infection.
  3. Damaged or outdated system drivers.
  4. When volume shadow copy service (VSS) is disabled.



How to Fix Error 0x8000ffff on Windows PC


How to fix error code 0x8000FFFF in windows


Although this error may seem to be a technical problem, it is one of the easiest Windows errors you can easily resolve. Any of the following methods should help you in resolving the error.


Method 1 – Housekeeping

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  • You may encounter error 0x8000ffff simply because of minor issues that you are most likely to overlook. It is important to ensure that both date and time are the correct values.
  • You also need to run the installed anti-virus/malware program that should scan your computer for any virus/malware.
  • Try doing whatever it is that you were doing before the error occurred to see whether or not the error is resolved.



Method 2 – Perform Disk Check

Error 0x8000ffff often occurs due to corrupt or damaged registry files. Running the built-in disk check tool can be very helpful in resolving the error. This is because of the tool scans and attempts to fix any errors in your computer’s file system.

1. Click “Start
2. Type “cmd” in the “Search programs and files” box.
3. Press the combination of CTRL + Shift + Enter before clicking “OK” to open a command prompt.
4. Type “chkdsk/f/r” into the prompt before hitting Enter.
5. Type “Y” in response to the resultant notification.

Restart the computer to allow disk check to run. You need to give the tool time to complete before trying to do what you were doing before the error appeared to see whether or not the method resolves the error.


Method 3 – Administrative Rights

It is possible to encounter error 0x8000ffff simply because you performed system restore without administrative rights to a computer. The simple act of creating a restore point or restoring your computer to an earlier date can easily resolve the error.

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  • Click “Start”.
  • Type “System Restore” in the “Search programs and files” box.
  • Right-click “System Restore” before clicking “Run as Administrator.
  • Complete the procedure by following resultant on-screen instructions to the letter before going back to do what you were doing before the error to see if it is resolved.



Method 4 – Update Drivers

Both computer system and component drivers are very important. It is the drivers that make it possible for your computer to run smoothly by allowing hardware to interact with programs efficiently. An outdated or damaged driver can easily cause error 0x8000ffff.

Update drivers by going through all installed components, checking and downloading any damaged driver before restarting your computer and doing what you were doing. The error should be resolved.


Method 5 – Re-configure Windows Store

This method particularly applies in case you are using Windows 10 OS. It is very effective in case error 0x8000ffff is caused by Windows Store client, which can be because of various reasons.

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  • Click “Start”.
  • Type “PowerShell”.
  • Right-click “PowerShell” before selecting “Run as Administrator”.
  • Type “powershell-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-Register Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.xml”.
  • Restart your computer and go back to what you were doing before the error 0x8000FFFF appeared. It should be resolved.



Method 6 – Create New User Account

Creating a new user account can help in resolving error 0x8000ffff.

Step 1. Press the combination of Win + X key.

Step 2. Select “Command Prompt (Admin)” to open command prompt window.

Step 3. Type “net user/add (your username) (your password)”, “net localgroup administrators (your username)/add.

Step 4. Restart your computer to test whether or not the error is resolved.

Step 5. Open command prompt once again and type “shutdown/l/f” into the prompt before hitting Enter.

Your computer should log you off before restarting. Log in using the new account and go back to what you were doing before Windows error 0x8000FFFF appeared on your screen.


Method 7 – Activate Volume Shadow Copy Service

Your computer’s system restore feature relies heavily on the Volume Shadow Copy Service to run. You are very likely to encounter the error if the service is disabled. Activating/enabling the service can easily resolve the error

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  • Click “Start”.
  • Type “services.msc” into the “Search programs and files” box before hitting Enter.
  • Double-click “Volume Shadow Copy” at the lower end of the resultant services.
  • Select “Automatic” under “Startup Type” on the resultant window before clicking “OK”.
  • Restart your computer to test whether or not enabling the service have fixed error code 0x8000FFFF.



Method 8 – Fresh Windows OS Installation

Performing fresh installation of Windows OS will certainly be your last option in resolving error 0x8000ffff. You need to backup all your important documents before the installation.

Formatting your computer’s hard drive to perform a fresh installation of Windows OS can no doubt be a huge task. This is because you will start from scratch and will need to install programs and updates afresh. It can also be time-consuming. This is why it is important to prevent such possible errors as error 0x800ffff, which you can prevent by running anti-virus/malware program on a regular basis and downloading programs and apps only from reputed sites.

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