Error 0x800706d9 While Updating Windows Fixed

So you wanted to Download and install new Updates on your Windows 10 PC? But Keep Getting Error 0x800706d9 on the screen right? To be very Precise, the whole error may read like below picture.

Downloading and Installing all the updates if available is a Good Practice, but many times users fails to do so because of some error. Which in this case is Error Code 0x800706d9. But, We are here with Couple of solutions to this error.


Solving Error 0x800706d9 in Windows Update

Error 0x800706d9 Windows 10 Fixed

First of all I will like to mention that this error occurs because of issues with Windows Firewall Service. Windows have their very own Firewall that Protects your System.  You might want to know why exactly you are seeing this error so that it becomes easy to fix.


Reasons for Error 0x800706d9

As said above, the problem is with Windows Firewall. Getting straight to point, i will like to say that you may get error 0x800706d9 because

  • You have some third party Antivirus installed or
  • Windows Firewall is turned off.
  • Virus or Spyware Infection

So now that you know the reasons, Let us jump and see how to Fix Error Code 0x800706d9 on your own. Try Method 1 and if it fails to help, Try Method 2.


Method 1: Turn off your Antivirus to fix code 0x800706d9

If you already have third-party antivirus installed on your system and are bugged by this error. Then my friend, you need to turn it off temporarily to see if that helps.

Each antivirus has its own way to turn it off. In case if you want to get completely rid of your antivirus then use Control Panel and uninstall it straight away. Otherwise, Just turn it off for the time being.

Once Your Antivirus is turned off, Go to Windows update and try to download and install updates now. If your Antivirus was to be the Culprit, then you will be able to Download the updates Easily. If this doesn’t solves the issue then, check Method #2.


Method 2: Turn On/Re-enable Windows Firewall to get rid of 0x800706d9 error.

Antiviruses normally turn windows firewall off. So in this method, you need to Turn it On again. If it is already on then please Re-enable it by Following Below Steps.

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  • Go to Control panel > Administrative tools > Services OR Search for “Services” and click on the shown Result.
  • Services Window will open up. You will see list of Services on the Right side. Scroll down and find “Windows Firewall.
  • Right Click on Windows Firewall and Click on Properties.  A new window will pop up.
  • Select Startup type as “Automatic” Click Ok then Apply.
  • If its already Automatic and running, then just Click on Stop and Click Start Again.


If Both the methods mentioned above fails to help you get rid of Firewall error 0x800706d9, Then you must try Scanning your Full System for Spyware and Virus with SpyHunter. Its a Specialized tool that many recommends and Use.

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That is it folks. Time to go back to Windows update, Download and install available updates. Now you are good to go. Let us know in Comments below if any of the above-mentioned methods works for you to fix Error Code 0x800706d9 on your PC. Just a little appreciation will do.

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