Error Status 0xc000012f: Windows Bad Image Fixed

Fix Error Status 0xc000012f

Last updated on 02-03-2022 Error Status 0xc000012f is a common issue after updating to Windows 8. This error code also occurs in Windows 10. Moreover, the error is characterized by multiple windows that are related to system32\uxtheme.dll. For instance: officeclicktorun.exe – Bad Image C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll The issue will occur for most programs in your system, and it will … Read more

Error code 0x80070490: Windows Installation Error Fixed

Windows update and install error 0x80070490 fixed

Windows updates are very important for your computer. You are likely to get Error code 0x80070490 whenever you try to Update your PC or While Installing new Updates.  Although you may configure your computer to install updates automatically whenever they become available, that may not be the case. It can turn out that your computer does … Read more

Error 0x00000709 : Operation Could not be Completed Printer

Fix Printer error code 0x00000709

Sometimes while you are using your computer, you might stumble into error codes that look weird and make no sense to you, like for example the Error 0x00000709.  Such Errors suddenly appears out of no where and might ruin your mood. When it comes to printers, specifically setting up the default printing device, you might get … Read more