Windows update error code 80072EFE: How to fix Guide

How to fix error code 80072EFE

The Windows update error 80072efe is a general error that you can encounter while using any of the Windows operating systems. However, it is very specific since it relates directly to Windows Update Service. The error message accompanying the code is normally indicates thus “Some updates were not installed: ## Error(s) found: Code 80072EFE” or … Read more

Fix Error code 0x8007001f on Windows 10

Windows 10 error code 0x8007001f

Error code 0x8007001f often arises when you are trying to install the anniversary update for Windows 10. For many users, the error will appear before the update is fully downloaded. This error code is often followed by a message that advises the user to get in touch with Microsoft for the error to be resolved. … Read more

Error Code 0x8007045d: Best guide to fix Easily

How to fix Windows error code 0x8007045d

Windows Error Code 0x8007045d is one of the common errors you may encounter when using any version of Windows operating system. Although it is a relatively minor error, leaving it unresolved can cause serious damage to operating system files. Some of its characteristics include regular stalling of the computer, blank screen, freezing the screen and … Read more

Error 0x80300024 While installing Windows Fixed

Windows installation error 0x80300024 fixed

Thursday, 15 July 2021 There are simply many Windows errors that you can encounter at different stages. There are those errors that only relate to your computer’s operating system. There are also errors that relate to installed applications and programs. Likewise, there are errors that are specific to the operating system (OS). One such error … Read more

Error Status 0xc000012f: Windows Bad Image Fixed

Fix Error Status 0xc000012f

Last updated on 02-03-2022 Error Status 0xc000012f is a common issue after updating to Windows 8. This error code also occurs in Windows 10. Moreover, the error is characterized by multiple windows that are related to system32\uxtheme.dll. For instance: officeclicktorun.exe – Bad Image C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll The issue will occur for most programs in your system, and it will … Read more