Solve Error code 0x8024500c Windows 10

Error code 0x8024500c

The Error code 0x8024500c Occurs on two instances for Windows 10 Users. One when you try to install the latest windows update. The error 0x8024500c also occurs when installing updates for an app in the Microsoft store. Since we do not know when you got the error, we will be providing you with solutions for … Read more

0x80070652 : Steps to Fix Update Assistant Error

Fix error code 0x80070652

Error code 0x80070652 occurs on your Windows system when installing Updates. Windows 10 Update Assistant will show you this error because it cannot download and install the latest updates. The reason could be many, but today we will see how to get rid of error 0x80070652 on your own. The error message says: Something went … Read more

0x800704cf Internet Connection Error Fixed

Windows Operating system shows Network error 0x800704cf When users try to open apps on their system. If you tried to access any app or Windows store on your PC, you might have presented with a 0x800704cf error with some additional information. The error may read as below.   You’ll need the internet for this.It doesn’t … Read more

Update error 0x80244022 – 3 Ways to fix

We at have been covering quite a few errors lately that users may face while trying to update. One such error is Windows update error code 0x80244022. These errors pop up for various reasons whenever you try to download and install the latest available update. The Message exactly reads as below: There were some … Read more

Fix Video/Music Error 0xc00d36c4 on Windows 10

Fix 0xc00d36c4

Error Code 0xc00d36c4 occurs while playing Music or a Video file on Windows PC. Windows users have reported this error which prevents them from opening an mp4 video file on their system. The majority of the users are facing this error in Windows Media Player. Some Users even said the error 0xc00d36c4 occurs while trying … Read more

Windows Store 0x80131500 Error – Fixed

Error 0x80131500 Windows Store

Error code 0x80131500 Occurs for windows users whenever they try to open the Microsoft store.The majority of us use Store to Download and install apps that we require in day-to-day life. But, Store error 0x80131500 pops up for some users as they try to open windows store. This Error is not new, and users have … Read more

PFN List Corrupt Windows 10 BSOD Fixed


Windows users are aware of the blue screen of death which means BSOD. Today, we will cover one BSOD that windows users face: PFN_List_Corrupt. PFN stands for Page Frame Number, which your System uses to identify the location of files present on your Hard disk. Whenever your system is running on Windows and can’t Continue … Read more

Fix 0x80073701 Windows 10 Update error

update error 0x80073701

Some Windows users are unable to install windows updates. Every time they try to download and install new updates, they are shown “Updates Failed. There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later.” Followed by the Update Name and Error code 0x80073701. So, this Error is preventing you from installing the latest updates … Read more