Windows Update error code 800F0902 – Fixed

Windows update Error code 800F0902

Are you getting Error code 800F0902 every time you try to Download and install windows update? If yes, then you are not alone, Lot of Users are facing this issue. The Error occurs in Windows 7 in most cases. People like to keep their windows up to date. But lot of time you just can’t do it because of some errors.

Today We will see what is error 800F0902 in Windows 7 and how to fix it easily.  We will share 3 ways to fix this issue. The Methods that we will share are common Troubleshooting ways to fix various Errors related to Windows update.  There are many factors responsible for errors like 800F0902 in Windows 7; Solutions may vary.

Reasons for Windows 7 update error 800F0902

There can be many reasons for such errors. If we had to name few we would list it as below.

  • No Internet Connection.
  • Corrupt System files.
  • Windows update service issue.
  • Windows module installer service issue.

So now that you know the reasons for 800F0902 error in windows 7, let us jump ahead and see how to fix this issue.


Fixing Error Code 800F0902 in Windows 7


Windows update Error code 800F0902

We have 3 Methods mentioned below in detail for your better understanding. We will take you through each of them.

1st method will Deal with Windows update service and Software Distribution Folder.

2nd Method will be about restarting Window Module Installer service.

3rd Method consists of Scanning for Corrupt files using Inbuilt tool.


Method #1: Renaming Software Distribution Folder

In this Method you will have to Rename Software distribution folder. But First, you will need to stop Windows update service. This all can be done by typing commands in Command prompt. Follow the Easy steps mentioned below

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