Steps to Fix Error 0xc000014c in Windows 10/7/8

This is one of the Windows startup errors you are most likely to encounter. Although it is not very common, it is good to know how to fix it because you never know when it can occur. Indeed, you cannot rule out encountering Error 0xc000014c. This is because of how it occurs.

The most likely moment you may encounter Error 0xc000014c is when starting your computer. The occurrence of the error signals that the operating system is unable to access critical files necessary for smooth startup.


Reasons for Boot manager error status 0xc000014c

The error 0xc000014c can be caused by several different factors including;

  1. Corrupt boot configuration data (BCD) caused by power outages or incorrect shutdown.
  2. Corrupt system files caused by virus/malware infection, incomplete un-installation of some files or deletion of some dependent software or application.
  3. A recently installed hardware.
  4. Bad sectors on the hard disk because of power outages and/or incorrect shutdown of the computer.


How to Fix Error 0xc000014c

How to fix error code 0xc000014c on windows

The fact that your computer’s OS is unable to load does not mean that you will now lose all your critical files. You can easily fix this error by trying out some solutions to find one that works to fix it.


Solution 1: Remove Hardware

This solution will only work in case there is a damaged or new hardware causing conflicts in the system. It can quickly work to fix the 0xc000014c error if it is true that you recently attached a new device.

1)Just remove all attached hardware except for the mouse and keyboard.
2)Restart the computer to see if the error is fixed


Solution 2: Boot to Last Known Good Configuration

Regular installation and un-installation of apps do interfere with existing system configurations. Booting the last known good configuration before the error occurred can be helpful in overcoming error 0xc000014c and many other Windows errors.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Press “F8“, “F12” or the appropriate key depending on your computer’s or the installed OS.
  • Select “Last Known Good Configuration” on the resultant startup options screen.

Your computer should restart automatically. Wait to see if the OS is now able to boot smoothly, which should be a signal that the error is fixed.


Solution 3: Check and Repair Damaged System Files

A damaged or corrupt system file is one of the major causes of Error 0xc000014c. Checking and repairing such a file or files can easily resolve the error.

1. Press Win and X key simultaneously to open up the command prompt.

2. Type “sfc /scannow” and press ENTER.

The built-in system file will start to run automatically. It will report its finding at the end, which can be repaired files or no damaged files found. In case the tool reports to having found and fixed some files, restart your computer to see if the error code 0xc000014c is resolved. Otherwise, you will still need to try other solutions


Solution 4: Check to Repair Bad Sectors in the Hard Disk

Just like with damaged or corrupt system files, bad sectors in the hard disk can easily cause Error 0xc000014c and other errors. Repairing any bad sectors can quickly fix the error.

1. Press Win and X key simultaneously to open up the command prompt.
2. Type “chkdisk” (space)/”C” (space)/f (space)/r (space)/x“.
3. Press ENTER.

The built-in disk check utility will start to run automatically. The above command instructs the utility to check, find and repair bad sectors. Restart your computer to see if the error is fixed.


Solution 5: Repair Damaged or Corrupt Boot Configuration Data

Many factors including incorrect system shutdown and power outages can easily interfere with a computer’s boot configuration data (BCD). Repairing the BCD is one effective way of fixing Error 0xc000014c and other Windows startup errors.

1. Start your computer although it does not boot.
2. Insert the Windows OS installation media (DVD or USB) in the appropriate drive.
3. Restart the computer and press “F12” or the appropriate key to set the computer to boot from the installation media.
4. Click to “Repair your computer.”
5. Click “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced options” > “Command Prompt”.
6. Type “bootrec/fixmbr” in the prompt and press ENTER.
7. Now, type “bootrec/fixboot” and press ENTER.
8. After that type “bootrec/scanos” and press ENTER.
9. Finally write “bootrec/rebuild” and press ENTER.

Allow the commands to run before removing the installation media and restarting your computer to see it boots normally.

Error 0xc000014c should easily be fixed using one of these solutions. Note that you will need to perform a system restore just in case all the solutions fail to repair the error. Performing fresh installation of the OS will be your last option, in which case you will lose all your stored files.

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  1. Your fix does not address if the screen is stuck on an error message regarding BDC in missing and reports a 0x000014c error. There is not even an option to get to cmd. What next?

  2. Your solution does not work!!!

    I have downloaded the fix and saved it to a flash drive. I got to the BLUE screen and inserted the drive. On my OS I have to press F9 for reboot options.

    When I do, it recognizes the flash drive but does not initiate the self executable so I’m stuck. There is no way that it would accept keyboard input to provide me with a command prompt.

    Reloading the OS and loosing data is not an option!!

    What next?

  3. I have same problem but in the File is written: Winodows/system32/config/system. Is it possible to fix it? I haven´t find way how to repair it yet. Thanks for answer.

  4. These solutions are working. Thank you so for these.

    For those people who said it’s not working, are you really sure what you are doing is correct?
    Make sure your flash drive is set to be a bootable media and have the right OS.


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