0xc0000034 : Recovery Error Code While Booting Fixed

There are simply many errors associated with any of the Windows operating systems. While some occur long after starting your computer, others occur just when your computer starts. Those that occur just when the computer starts to boot can be very frustrating. This is because you least expect your computer to have any issues after using and shutting it down. One such is Error Code 0xc0000034.

What is Error code 0xc0000034 in Windows


Fixing Error code 0xc0000034 in windows

0xc0000034 error can be referred to as Blue screens of death errors. It occurs just when you start your computer, making it impossible for the operating system to boot and the screen just turns blue. However, the accompanying error message indicates something that points to the problem; the Boot configuration data (BCD) file.

The occurrence of Error 0xc0000034 means that the BCD file is damaged. Although other BCD-related errors also lead to the blue screen at startup, error 0xc0000034 is different because it relates only to one specific BCD file. Many factors can damage the file including virus/malware infection, power outages and incorrect shut down of the computer among other factors.

How to Fix error code 0xc0000034


Because the error only occurs at startup, there is only one practical solution to fixing this error 0xc0000034. The solution requires the use of the Windows OS DVD or USB installation disk. You need to create one on a separate computer connected to the Internet just in case you do not have the original installation disk nearby.

The following is how to create the installation media, which can be a USB or DVD. Creating a USB installation disk is easier because it eliminates the need to burn the ISO file to a DVD. You should, therefore, have a clean USB drive with enough space.

  1. Insert the USB in the other computer with no issues.
  2. Access Microsoft website to download the Media Creation Tool.
  3. Run the tool once the download is complete. Note that the tool will ask whether you want to upgrade the OS or to create installation media.
  4. Select to choose “Create installation media for another computer.
  5. Choose to “Create a bootable USB” instead of the ISO file.
  6.  Wait for the tool to download the necessary files and for the tool to create the bootable USB that you need.
  7. Remove the USB safely from the computer and return to your computer with the booting issue. Now we will look in the solution for 0xc0000034 error.


Solution to fix Error code 0xc0000034

  • Insert the installation USB in your computer.
  • Start your computer and instruct it to boot from the installation disk instead of the hard drive. You do this by constantly pressing “F8” key or a different key depending on your computer or the installed OS.
  • Click “NEXT” on the startup menu.
  • Then, Click “Repair your computer” on the resultant screen.
  • Next step is to click “Troubleshoot.
  • Click “Advanced options.
  • Select “Command Prompt“.
  • Type “bootrec/fixmbr” in the prompt before pressing ENTER.
  • After that “bootrec/fixboot” before pressing ENTER.
  • Now, Type “bootrec/scanos” before pressing ENTER.
  • Type “bootrec/rebuild” before pressing ENTER.

Allow the instructions to run and take effect. Remove the installation disk and restart your computer. The damaged BCD file should now be repaired to fix error 0xc0000034, and your computer should start normally.

The occurrence of Error Code 0xc0000034 on Windows system can be very frustrating. The only way to protect your computer against this error is to run the installed antivirus/malware program on a regular basis.

It is also important that set your computer to Download updates that Microsoft makes available. You also need to ensure that you only download programs and drivers from reputable sites. Doing all these serve to protect critical system files from unnecessary damage.

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