Status Code 0xc000000f and How to Fix it

The Windows error code 0xc000000f is one of the blue screens of death errors that you can encounter. However, its occurrence is rare. This does not in any way mean that your computer is safe. You need to realize that your computer is exposed to various issues, one of which can easily cause the error.

The occurrence of 0xc000000f is directly related to your computer’s Windows boot manager. This just means that the most likely moment when you can encounter the error is when starting your computer. The occurrence of this error makes it impossible for the operating system (OS) to read the booting configuration data, leading to the appearance of the blue screen with a message informing you to repair your computer.

Why am i Getting Error code 0xc000000f ?

How to fix error code 0xc000000f in windows PC

The OS may not read booting configuration data because of various reasons including;

  1. Corrupt boot sector due to power outages, virus/malware infection.\
  2. Damaged hard disk due to power outages.
  3. Corrupt system files due to improper shutdown and/or power outage.
  4. Damaged Hardware

How to Fix Error Code 0xc000000f on Windows

There is no one single solution to fixing error 0xc000000f. A solution that works for you depends on the specific cause of the error on your computer. You need to try out the following solutions. The solution that works for you should inform you of the specific cause of the error.

Although the following solutions apply to Windows 10 OS, you can play around with some steps to help you fix the error on any Windows OS.

Solution 1: Disable Peripheral Hardware

1. Remove all hardware attached to your computer except the keyboard and mouse.

2. Remove any CD, USB and DVDs from their respective ports.

3. Restart your computer to see if the computer starts normally.

You will need to identify the damaged hardware just in case your computer starts smoothly without the error 0xc000000f.

Solution 2: Start Your Computer Using Bootrec.exe Utility

This is a utility that is available in Windows. This solution requires that you use the Windows DVD or USB installation disk. The tool will try to repair the boot files and will attempt to correct the boot configuration data (BCD), which is the data that controls the launching of the Windows OS.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Insert the Windows DVD or USB installation disk in the appropriate drive.
  • Reboot the computer again. Press any key when prompted to do so.
  • Select the correct date, time, currency, language and keyboard before pressing NEXT.
  • Select the operating system to be repaired.
  • Click “Command Prompt” in the “System Recovery Options.”
  • Type “bootrec.exe” in the prompt before pressing ENTER.

The utility will automatically begin to run. It will attempt to repair the BCD before restarting the computer automatically. Your computer should start smoothly without error 0xc000000f appearing on the screen.


1. Restart your computer.
2. Insert Windows DVD or USB installation disk.
3. Reboot the computer again and press “R.
4. Click “Troubleshoot.
5. Click “Command Prompt.
6. Type “bootrec/FixMbr” and press ENTER.
7. Now, Type “bootrec/FixBoot” and press ENTER.
8. After that, Type “bootrec/ScanOs” and press ENTER.
9. Type “bootrec/RebuildBcd” and press ENTER.
The utility will start to rebuild the BCD automatically and should fix error 0xc000000f.

Fixing an error such as error 0xc000000f that occurs when you start your computer can be a serious challenge. This is simply because of the limited solutions available to you. However, any of the above three solutions should quickly resolve the error.

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    • if you have another computer, download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft’s site and create a bootable medium. this will act as a Windows 10 disc and give you access to the repair options.

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