0x803f8001 : Fix Xbox error in Windows app store

Upgrading your computer’s operating system or installing a higher version of Windows OS system such as Windows 10 is no doubt beneficial. It makes it possible for your computer to execute tasks that it could not perform. However, such upgrades or installations have their challenges in the form of errors you are bound to deal with. One such error presents itself as error code 0x803f8001.

The Windows error code 0x803f8001 is becoming common and very troublesome. Luckily, it has nothing to do with your computer system. It is an error that is directly related to Windows Store. The error message that accompanies the code can read “Something Went Wrong: Error Code 0x803f8001” or “Do you own this game or app? Error Code 0x803f8001”.


When Error 0x803f8001 Can occur?

Fix windows store error code 0x803f8001

You are most likely to encounter Windows error code 0x803f8001 and any of the accompanying messages either when trying to play a game or when trying to download an app from Windows Store.

It can also occur when updating any app from the store. It simply becomes impossible to either play or download/install any game or app. This can no doubt be a very frustrating experience, and the only solution to fixing the error is to ascertain the cause so as to figure out the correct solution.


Possible Causes & Solutions to Error 0x803f8001

You may encounter Windows error code 0x803f8001 because of various reasons:

  • You have never signed into a game you downloaded to connect it to Xbox.
  • The game is not installed in the console but is on a game disk.
  • Corrupt system files, which can occur when you download third-party software that interferes with system files.
  • Excess cache in Windows Store.
  • Outdated Windows Store.
  • When Xbox Live service has stopped.
  • Outdated graphic card drivers.
  • When you play an old game.
  • Virus/malware infection.

There is no one solution that works in resolving error 0x803f8001 in windows 10 store. It all depends on the specific cause of the error on your computer. The following are some of the practical solutions you can try out, one of which should resolve the error.


Solution 1: Basic Troubleshooting to fix 0x803f8001 Error

Simple and Basic Troubleshooting do go a long way in fixing various Windows OS errors including error 0x803f8001.

  1. Launch the installed antivirus software to address any virus infection.
  2. Check to ensure that Xbox Live service is up and running.
  3. Check to ensure that you are signed into the game you are tying to play. You may also need to set the Xbox as a home console for a different user just in case the game you are trying to play was purchased and downloaded by a different computer user.
  4. Ensure that the game you are trying to play is not on a disc but rather on the console.

Try to play a game you tried to play after performing these measures to see if the error 0x803f8001 is resolved.


Solution 2: Run System File Checker

This solution will work in resolving error 0x803f8001 if it occurs because of corrupt system files.

1. Press Windows Key + R to open up the command prompt.
2. Type “sfc/scannow” and press Enter.

Your computer should automatically start to run the built-in file checker. Once this is finished, Results will be shown on your screen. You will be able to figure out if there was any faulty system files which were causing 0x803f8001 error for you.


Solution 3: Power Cycle Xbox One

The simple act of power cycling Xbox One can easily resolve the error:

1. Press and hold the white button on Xbox One for several seconds to turn it off.
2. Unplug your computer from the mains and wait for at least 15 seconds.
3. Plug your computer back to the mains before turning on Xbox

Try playing the game gain and see if this solves the issue or not.


Solution 4: Perform Hard Reset of Xbox One

Performing the hard reset of Xbox One reverts it back to its factory settings, which can be helpful in resolving error 0x803f8001.

  • Open Menu.
  • Scroll down to select the “All Settings” button.
  • Select “System” > “Console Info & Updates”.
  • Now, Select “Reset Console”.
  • Select “Reset and remove everything” in response to whether you wish to reset and keep or reset and remove everything.

Restart your computer and wait for Xbox to sync before playing the game you tried to play before the error 0x803f8001 occurred. See whether or not the error is resolved.


Solution 5: Remove Cache

This solution will work in a case where you have not cleaned the Windows Store cache for some time.

1. Press Win + R keys to open the command prompt.
2. Type “WSReset.exe” in the prompt before pressing Enter.

The windows for Command prompt and Windows Store should open simultaneously, which indicates that cache is cleaned. Restart your computer and try playing a game or downloading an app that you tried to play or download which resulted in windows store error 0x803f8001.


Solution 6: Update all Windows Services

1. Press the combination of Win + S keys to open up the search bar.
2. Type “Settings” in the search bar.
3. Click on “Updates & Security” on the resultant search results.
4. Select “Windows Updates”.
5. Click on “Check for Updates”.

Give your computer time to run and check for available updates before restarting your computer to see if the error is resolved.


Solution 7: Uninstall/Reinstall app(s)

It will be necessary to uninstall and re-install a specific app or game that is responsible for causing error 0x803f8001.

1. Press the combination of Win + S keys to open up search bar
2. Type the name of the app responsible for the error in the search bar.
3. Select “Uninstall” and wait for the app to be uninstalled.
4. Open Windows Store once the app is completely uninstalled.
5. Type name of the app in the search bar and select “Install”.

Note that it may become necessary to do the same for all apps if the error remains persistent.

Although Windows error 0x803f8001 is not directly related to your computer system, its occurrence can make it impossible to work on your computer. Any of the above solutions should be useful in fixing the error.

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