Error Code 0x8002801C – Call to DLLRegisterServer Failed

The Windows Error Code 0x8002801C is a Windows registry related type of error that you can encounter with any Windows operating installed on your computer. Although the error has several effects, its main effect is slowing down your computer. It can also make it difficult for the OS to boot.

Error code 0x8002801C can be accompanied by any of the following error messages;

  • Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c is missing
  • Remove Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Download Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c virus
  • Install Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Reinstall Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c
  • Dll register server Failed Code: 0X8002801c crash

It is crucial to pay attention to the accompanying message whenever you encounter this error code. It is because understanding the message gives you an idea of what is exactly causing the error.

The Windows registry is a very sophisticated database of files (DLL files) that store your computer’s settings, information, options and values/keys for all hardware and programs running/installed on your computer. Your computers OS loads these files into the computer’s memory when booting to allow both the hardware and software on your computer to run.

The occurrence of error 0x8002821C therefore just means that some registry files are missing, are damaged, or there is some conflict in your computers overall system that prevents the OS from accessing the necessary booting files or loading the files correctly.

Why you are getting Error code 0x8002801C?

Fix error code 0x8002801C in Windows

From the above explanation, you can encounter code 0x8002821C for several reasons including;

  1. Missing DLL files that have been deleted or reconfigured by error.
  2. Damaged/corrupt DLL files due to virus/malware infection.
  3. Hardware/software conflicts.
  4. The installed anti-virus software and Firewall.
  5. Uninstalled updates causing system conflicts.
  6. An incomplete installation of any software.
  7. Improper shut down of your computer.

The most likely moment you can encounter this error is when booting your computer or after installing third-party software. You can also encounter this error after hardware installation, in which case the hardware may not be compatible with your computer’s settings.

How to Fix DllRegisterServer Failed Error code 0x8002801C

The occurrence of error code 0x8002801C should not be a serious cause of concern. However, you need to address it in the shortest time possible. Various solutions can fix the error.


Solution 1: Run Anti-Virus Software

It is important that you run the installed anti-virus software to address any virus/malware in your computer’s system. It may become necessary to disable the software to see if disabling it resolves the error.
Remember that this solution only applies in a case where the registry files are not damaged.


Solution 2: Check for Uninstalled Updates/Incomplete software installations

Check to see whether or not there are uninstalled system updates that may be causing conflicts in your computer system. It is also important that you check any software you recently installed to ascertain that its installation is complete. Check also to ensure that any software you recently un-installed is totally un-installed from your computer.


Solution 3: Run System File Checker Utility

1. Press the combination of Windows Key + R to open the command prompt.
2. Type “sfc/scannow” in the prompt before hitting Enter.
Your computer will automatically start to run the built-in file checker. The utility is designed to check for and repair any damaged file(s) that may lead to error code 0x8002801C.


Solution 4: Run System Restore

1. Click on “Start/Windows” button.
2. Type “System Restore” in the search box.
3. Click “Create a restore point.
4. Click on “System Restore” on the resultant system properties pop up.
5. Choose a recent restore point when your computer had no issues.

Your computer will automatically restart to restart using past configurations that worked without any issues.
Any of the above solutions should be useful in resolving Windows error code 0x8002801C. Performing fresh installation of the Windows operating system will be your only option should all the above solutions fail to address the error.

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